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WHITBY. A Town You Can Get Your Teeth Into.

WHITBY. High on the clifftop the stark ruins of the abbey brood, contemplating the fluttering pages of history, Viking raids, the storm lashed Demeter, a monstorous hound and the curse of the night crawling undead. ( New Readers start here……)

Well the year is rolling by and picking up speed a little as the drudgery of the Winter months start to fade and sunshine becomes a little less of a stranger.

Easy travelling is still a little way off as yet, so I’ve taken another trip in my photographical time machine to revisit 2007 and Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.

WHITBY. Lookng along one of the Piers that frame the entrance to the town’s harbour.

Whitby and it’s Abbey sitting high on the cliffs, create the evocative, Gothic atmosphere that forms the backdrop to Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, an atmosphere enhanced by the increasingly popular, twice yearly Goth Festival when fans of the undead aristocrat flock bat like to the towns twisting, narrow streets and clifftops, adding a dark layer of mournful glamour. That said, on a previous visit to this I did see a Goth Sandcastle building completion in progress on the beach.

WHITBY. The stone built lighthouse standing at the end of one of the piers that guard the harbour entrance, shining a kindly light to show the way home. The white horses race along the wavetops of a “brisk” sea.

Whitby is not all the Count and grim foreboding. For the photographer, the town’s history and seagoing heritage waits for you around every twist and corner. From the clifftop ruins of the Abbey, down to the wide. Sandy beaches. There’s steam trains now too, a service runs into the town on the North Yorkshire Moors railway from Pickering.

WHITBY. The Sentinel steam bus “Old Glory” makes it’s stately progress up from the harbour to the town centre, with an appriciateive audience of gulls in the background.
WHITBY. Wonder who decided on the name? Wonder if anyone disaggreed with them?

The town is very much on my revisit list “For When Normal Returns” when I’ll have to decide either to stock up on stakes and garlic or have my fangs sharpened.


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