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HEXHAM. Window Shopping.

Sweets and baccy,

Due to present circumstances like many people I’m not doing any travelling, well not in the physical sense. I am though getting out and about through my photo files. Editing them is an ongoing task but the upside is that I often come across the forgotten gems, the shots that have been lost for a while in the undercurrents and eddies while the new images flow past.

This shot is from 2005, I took it in Hexham in the north east of England. I would have been on my way up to Newcastle, which is a favourite city of mine and Hexham has for a long time been a place to break the journey. It’s an attractive town in it’s own right and well provided with those necessary things, yes that’s right, places where you can get really good coffee and cake…..

It also has those nooks and corners with which to delight the passing photographer and his camera. Scenes like this street and its shop window. I always find shop fronts like this interesting. In their way they are as important a record of a place as anything you will find in a museum or set of dry, dusty public records.

They have an ephemeral quality, they can be there one day and gone the next, I’ve missed more than a few similar shopfronts because I fell into the trap of thinking that they’ve been there so long, they’ll be there forever. Nope, it doesn’t work like that and with it goes all the memories and the history, wrapped up in the worn and faded signwriting, the crumpled leaflets and the dated advertisements.

So a New Year’s resolution has been added to the list. It’s one I’m more likely to keep compared to the ones about less sugar, less cake and more exercise. The new resolution is that if I see a shopfront like this, take the shot, make the record of it. It might not be there tomorrow and its little bubble of memories with it.

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