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SNAPSHOT! A Northumbrian Odyssey.

You find me sat on this sultry evening in the Forum pub jus by Marketplace in the fair Northumberland town of Hexham. I’m on my way back to the homelands after doing a family visit to Newcastle. It was a fair weather run up but promises to be a stormy one back, hahar Jim lad!! I’ll spare you any further Long John Silver impressions. I travelled up the motorway to […]

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HEXHAM. Window Shopping.

Due to present circumstances like many people I’m not doing any travelling, well not in the physical sense. I am though getting out and about through my photo files. Editing them is an ongoing task but the upside is that I often come across the forgotten gems, the shots that have been lost for a while in the undercurrents and eddies while the new images flow past.

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GATESHEAD. An Angel On A Hill

Standing with a mute indifference over the bustle and clutter of a housing estate and the busy A1 road to Scotland is Anthony Gormley’s ‘Angel of The North’. The sculpture was erected in 1998 and it’s rusted orange presence has now become part of the psyche of the North East. The varied palette of orange and browns that make up the surface of the Angel are a feature of the […]

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