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LIVERPOOL, A Calderstones Park Spring.

LIVERPOOL. Calderstones Park. Magnolia blossom.

On these uncooperative days I take refuge in my photofiles and search out the pleasanter days of the past to keep the creative wheels turning until Mr. Bluesky returns and I and my camera (s) can get out and about even under the current, limited circumstances.

( I know, the cultural references are a bit of a giveaway to what I’ve been reading/ listening to, so don’t panic).

Readers of this blog will know that I like parks, preferably older ones with a bit of history to them. So that brings me to these two images are from I visit I made to Calderstones Park in Liverpool back in Spring, 2017.

The park lies to the south east of the city centre and was formed from the grounds of a Mansion house dating from the 1820’s. Its name came from the Calder Stones which are the remains of a neolithic dolmen or tomb. They still exist and as they are approximately a thousand or so years old they are now housed in a former greenhouse to protect them against further weather erosion.

LIVERPOOL. Calderstones Park. Benches in the old English Garden.

The park follows the plan of different growing areas, bog garden, Japanese garden etc so it’s an excellent venue to loose yourself in all year around but not when it’s raining obviously. Though in happier times there is an excellent cafe by the mansion house. It’s on my revisit list for when we can get out and about again.

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