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LANCASTER. Saturday on the Market.

There’s something about a market. The liveliness, the colours in the produce for sale, the human too-ing and fro-ing etc. Taken together these all give a photographer opportunities to observe and catch with a discreet press of a shutter button.

I’d travelled up by train so the first job was coffee. It’ s only a short walk down into the city from the station You’re not short of options in Lancaster and on this visit I tried Sharpe’s Cafe and went for the latte and toasted teacake. Sorry I know that I’m such a creature of habit. A feature of Sharpe’s is that it is also a fundraiser for services charities. As usual I picked a window seat, people watching as ever. Taking in the almost choreographed to and fro of the crowds as they made their way about their Saturday morning business.

LANCASTER. Sharpe’s Cafe. Toasted teacake and latte.

Lancaster’s market used to thread through the streets around the old town hall which is the city’s museum which is where I took these shots. Though it has since relocated to the impressive grandure of Dalton Square. There was a market hall at one time, that was replaced by a new build that didn’t find favour and is now occupied by a branch of Primark if I remember correctly. I don’t envy the stall holders having to be out in all the weathers but I’m glad they do for a market on the street does give an extra buzz to a place. Other favourite markets like this are at Garstang, Ormskirk and Chorley. If you’re feeling brave enough to dive in you’ll find posts on them in these ramblings that pass as my blog.

LANCASTER. The Saturday street market in the city centre. Takeaway conversations.

These photos were taken last November, so things were a mite livelier than they sadly currently are. People were congregating to catch up and gossip, a useful add on service that a market provides.

LANCASTER. The Saturday street market in the city centre.
LANCASTER. The Saturday street market in the city centre. Keep the November chills at bay with a spicy samosa or two.

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