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HESKIN. Big Boys Toys.

This is a picture heavy post but there’s really no other way of giving a true flavour of the event.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.  Model Steam Lorry.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. Model steam lorry trundles around the show grounds.

For the last few years a regular fixture on my calendar has been the Vintage & Steam Rally and Country Fair. Held near the village of Heskin, to the south of Preston in Lancashire. This year’s was the 27th holding of the two day get together of vehicles and agricultural machinery, along with displays, collectors stalls, entertainment and of course food.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.   Chevrolet Step Side PickUp Tru

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. Chevrolet pick up truck in the oily rag restoration style.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.  John Deere Logo.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. John Deere logo.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY. Model Burrell Traction Engine 'N

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. The model traction engine Nimrod temporarily stranded in the parade ring due to and over enthusiatic use of the whistle using up the available steam. A few minutes wait were needed to build up steam power again. The crowd were of course sympathetic.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.   Doughnouts Stall.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. The Dounghnuts stall gets ready for its customers. No outdoor event is complete without Doughnuts.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY. Donkey Break Time.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. Break time for the donkeys. I don’t think the chips were for the donkeys but I wasn’t about to get in their way to find out.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY. Time For Chips.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. Theres always time for chips.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY. Purely Pizza.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. Purely Pizza, perfectly pleasant.

By the way the headline image is the wonderful Bond Bug. Shaped like a wedge of cheese, it’s a fibreglass bodied three wheeled car that owes it’s origins to a quirk in the UK’s vehicle taxation system. Not having four wheels it wasn’t classed a car so it paid the tax at motorcycle rates. This meant a big saving for beginner drivers who didn’t mind the exciting experience of going around a fast bend in a lightweight vehicle that didn’t have a wheel at each corner.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.  Model Hay Bailer.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. A model hay bailer.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.  Lorry Line Up.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. The lorries line up ready to take a turn around the parade ring.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.  Frank Hartop Pump.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. A Frank Hartop petrol driven pump. It’s open topped cooling tank steaming gently away.

On the day I went, as you will see from the photos, the weather was not at it’s kindest but that’s the roller coaster gamble you take with any event during the British summer. That didn’t put off the crowds though who flocked to see the tractor parade, vintage and more modern cars. A section was as ever devoted to small, agricultural engines. All lined up and gleaming they chugged happily away, a statement to the time and effort spent on repair and restoration by their proud owners. In another corner a miniature hay bailer spun happily away turning out doll’s house sized hay bails.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY. Truck Mounted Advertisement.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. An advertising mannequin sits on top of a truck cab.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY. Minature Line Up.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. A line up of minature traction engines line up in the parade ring.

01/06/19  HESKIN VINTAGE RALLY.   Lomax Two Seater Convertable.

HESKIN STEAM RALLY. Lomax two seater convertable, based on the air cooled engine and running gear of the Citroen 2CV.

If you like heavy HGV or military vehicles, this is also the event for you, the proceeds from it support a local charity, Rainbow House.




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