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IN THE STUDIO. Boots & Whiskey


Boots and Whiskey.

To quote some ELO lyrics ‘Rain is falling’ so on these occasions I like to work on my studio techniques, being more of a landscape photographer I’m guilty of neglecting this discipline. I have a small computer table which I have fitted out as a small studio set that I can dress in a variety of ways, I have fixed an old projector screen to the back of it and this forms a useful infinity background for those shots when I want to isolate the subject, also it’s just about big enough to accommodate a few bigger props on it. 

Also, the table being on wheels it means I can take advantage of a one of my house’s  south facing windows and the natural light coming through it, the table can be turned to give me a choice of lighting and shadow mixes and of course the overcast days provide a beautifully soft light that can make a subject glow. 

The above shot was put together one morning while waiting for the rain to stop. The chair is my office swivel chair, the Jack Daniels was a gift ( now empty so I can’t share, sorry ), the jeans are a pair that occasionally fit me if I breathe in really hard and the boots are one of a few pairs I have had over the years. No one is wearing the boots, the shafts of the boots kept the legs of the jeans in place as I experimented with various placings and angles. I took about twenty shots, even though I have been digital quite a while the 24 shot 35mm diktat still lingers somewhere at the back of my head. 

Some of the images immediately  suffered the fell hand of the DELETE button, while others have lived on in the ‘ummm’ think about it file. The above image is one that I was pleased with from the off, again back to the land of film, I still try and compose as much as possible ‘in the camera’ , as I find it saves me needless faffing about further down the editing chain.  If memory serves, I used a version of this in an ebook I produced but don’t quote me on that. Thanks to the UK’s delightful weather system I had built up a collection of studio images so I thought I would put together a book with a single image strand, I seem to have owned more cowboy boots than I thought. 

LIVERPOOL. Tickling The Ivories.

MORECAMBE. The Cormorant & The Bell. ( And Eric )

WREXHAM. Down The Borderlands Way.

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