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RIVINGTON. Terraced Gardens Reverie. Waiting For The Warm Weather.

Steps, an archway and a summerhouse, corners and viewpoints galore.

January is doing what it does best, being cold and wet. At least that’s what it’s doing here on my doorstep. Time is not being wasted though, planning is being done for when Mr. Bluesky returns. One of my favourite locations for loosing myself or forest bathing as I understand its now called, are the Terraced Gardens at Rivington. Once the site of Lord Leverhulme’s weekend retreat.

Leaving the safety of the hilltop kingdom and entering the dark forest below. The gardens are a roll player’s delight.

There’s something magically glorious in losing myself in the woodlands up there, making my way through the paths and the remains of the garden features.

The Japanese pool, once dotted with tea pavilions. Old waterfalls lurk behind the trees.
This is the way through the woods.
A splash of Foxglove pink to catch the eye.
Time enough spare to chew the fat and put the world to rights.

Slowly the gardens are being restored and consolidated, getting around is no longer quite assault course it once was.

And if you’re lucky there’s ice cream too.

Even though the gardens were quite busy, it’s an easy thing to find a quiet spot and have a think.

Put things in order.

Catch your breath.

Kick back and relax.

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