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United Kingdom

CHESTER. Chips To Go.

If you are a regular reader of my blog ( thank you!) you’ll have worked out that one of my main photographic interests is street photography. Watching and recording the daily to and fro of everyday life. That cafes, coffee and food in general crop up more than you might think is a pure coincidence.

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SNAPSHOT. Kitchen. Fresh Bread Today.

I like making my own bread, I’m reasonably good at it and there’s nothing quite like the smell of bread baking. Or watching the steam rise from that first slice off a still warm loaf. Then of course you have to spread a little butter on it, it really does help being out all those flavours. I usually make wholemeal bread so that butter does no harm at all ( […]

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SNAPSHOT. Newcastle. Riding On The Metro.

I like the Metro. No not the one in Paris but the Geordie one that circles the coast through Whitley Bay before diving back under the city and the River Tyne before it heads out to Sunderland and beyond. Apart from the two tunnels under the city the rest of the route is made up of converted rail lines which had reached the end of their days and were threatened […]

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SNAPSHOT. Chorley. Sandwiches In The Park.

Earlier I had breakfast, now I’m having lunch. I’m sat in Cafe Ambio in Astley Park, Chorley. Together with the town and park it’s one of my selection of Sunday ” go to ” places, where I can have a wander around and have a think about ongoing projects and future ones. The Hall is always worth a visit, it’s open at the weekend, though at the moment it’s undergoing […]

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