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LIVERPOOL. Let There Be Music (Overture)

St.George’s Hall sitting proud on its plateau.

So hello from Liverpool. It’s the weekend of the Eurovision Song Contest, being held in the city on behalf of Ukraine for reasons we are all aware of.

Lime Street station, the gateway to the city by train and the near neighbor of St. George’s Hall across the road.

It was a good reason to visit the city, I don’t live too far away which oddly can work against coming here, too easy, go next week syndrome.

There be Dragons here, actually it’s the Queensway Mersey Road tunnel.

Anyway I’m here and doing my walk about. I’ be started at the top of the city and I’ll make my way down to the Pier Head, this will be A bit image heavy so expect more than one post ( sorry about that dear readers)

One cathedral (the Catholic one )
Two cathedrals (the Anglican one) They face one another from opposite ends of Hope Street.
The Empire Theatre
St James’s Gardens in the shadow of the Anglican cathedral, the tomb is that of James Huskisson the MP who met an untimely end on the opening day of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway.
Singing for their supper on Lime Street.

So at the moment I’m in the Fly in the Loaf enjoying a cooling pint of Lancaster IPA before round two begins.

The Fly in the Loaf.
Very pleasant, recommended.
My pint.
Singalong Liverpool.

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