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LIVERPOOL. Let There Be Music. Second Movement

My refreshing pint finished I’m now heading down to the Pier Head. The crowds are filling up the nearer I get to the action, I’m glad I took a break further out. My route is past the bombed out St. Nick’s church, onto Bold Street, then Church Street to the Pier Head. Should be fun. Liverpool is always a street photographers dream, especially so this weekend.

A makers market enjoys the sunshine around St. Nick’s church.
Sun and shadows along Bold Street, bars and bistros line the way down to the river.

Down Bold Street I went camera at the ready, there’s a certain chic coolness in the way the street presents itself to the world.

Dining al fresco in the sunshine is the order of the day.
Moving to the groove crossing Church Street, heading down to the Pier Head.

It’s all getting a bit breathless I know but it was one of those sort of days, crowds, atmosphere, sights and sounds.

Sorry to jump back a bit but Liverpool is proud of its long connections with the USA. Here Rodney Street makes a junction with Maryland. You can travel the world with a short walk.

The crowds are gathering along Church Street, not far to the Pier Head now.
A pause to listen to some music in the street, the audience might not have been as big as the Eurovision but it was just as appreciative.
The Liverpool Town Hall at the end of Castle Street.
Queen Victoria, amused or otherwise on Derby Square.
on Derby Square, dance like the world is watching.

Right, that was my breathless tumble along to the Pier Head, which is only around the corner and across the Strand. See you there shortly.


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