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LYTHAM. Waiting on The Station.

The now single platform at Lytham, on the left are the remans of the Preston bound platform, the route to which lies ahead, curving its way under the road bridge.

Lytham is on the branch line that runs from the main line to Blackpool North, it leaves that route at Kirkham & Wesham and heads down towards the coast on the estuary of the River Ribble as it flows out towards the Irish Sea.

Lytham has an air of gentility, shown by the elegance of the railway station, not now in railway use but now a pub. The railway traffic is handled by one platform on a track now reduced to one line, remains of the Preston bound platform opposite is now used as a wildlife refuge with planters and nest boxes. There is a small display of photographs by the arch through to the platform, a record of a bygone age.

Lytham station as was, a destination with a certain well heeled elegance about it.

There is a regular service which terminates at an equally reduced station at Blackpool South, plans surface from time to time to extend the Blackpool trams back to Lytham, a destination they served in the past using the currently redundant trackbed. There is a local push for this to happen, so only time will tell if that project is successful, while for now waiting for a train can be a slightly lonely experience

Dance like no one is watching.

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