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SNAPSHOT! A Bolton Doughnut & Latte.

There are worse ways to spend an hour or so on a cold Sunday afternoon.

January is still being an “unhelpful” month, the cold winds and grey skies are not very encouraging when it comes to moving out of the house and braving the weather. That said cabin fever still bites so I compromised with a trip out to Bolton. It’s not far, the car’s heater works and I could sort out a couple of errands before the cold drove me back home.

There’s also my ongoing search for coffee & cake places to add to my list of getaways, hangouts where I can watch the world go by with a cheese on toast/ panini/ cake etc to feed the braincells and stop my waistline completely disappearing.

Neat and tidy, must call in again.

I tried a place that I’d passed by a few times before, Th3 Guys on Great Moor Street. It’s a bad, odd habit of mine that I see somewhere that I like the look of but carry one walking past it. Anyway this time I went in and pigged out an a custard filled doughnut and a latte. Just the thing for a cool Sunday afternoon and a bit of people watching. It is now on my little list.

More cake, more coffee.

Some Links.

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