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LEYLAND. Fast Forward To Blossom Time.

Shell pink blossom basking in the Spring sunshine.

Well I’m sitting here in my little office at the end of another cold, grey and wet day. Winter is so much fun at times.

However the ideas pad is beginning to fill up, no sense in wasting any down time. I’ve begun sketching out a couple of projects and the list of places to visit is beginning to grow,

Bright daffodils show off their spring yellow.

Working through the photo files looking for inspiration I found some shots taken last Spring in Worden Park on the edge of Leyland in Lancashire. The day was sunny, can’t wait for those to return and the blossom was out on the cherry trees and the daffodils were making a noise and show with their strident yellows, while here and there purple mounds of cyclamen hugged together under the shade of the trees.

Cyclamens shelter under the trees, flowers bounce in the wind like dancing purple bees.

A revisit is on the list, just waiting for the moment, that scrap of blue sky that signals it’s time to start emerging from the Winter torpor and fire the starting gun on a whole new year.

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