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SNAPSHOT! Beaumaris, Walkabout Time.

Elegance facing the Menai Straits.

Right, I’d had my lunch, it was time to wobble onwards and walk off, or at least try to, my Welsh Rarebit.

Maps do help,if I could only remember more of the information.

Beaumaris is a compact town, facing out across the Menai Straits to Bangor and the mainland of Wales. While it might be small it does reward with a mixture of corners and enterprises worth looking out for. There will be links etc at the bottom. The close set network of streets it watched over by the uncompromising bulk of Edward 1st, elaborate but ultimately unfinished castle, with its ring between ring of sturdy walls and palace that never was. Stones, like men’s bones have their tales to tell.

Enter here you brave hearts.
A palace that would have been fit for a king.
Defended by water and stone.

After that ramble about an unkind rain shower cast a watery eye on my walk so I took refuge in Ruby’s with a coffee and toasted teacake for company.

Some links.

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