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SNAPSHOT! Beaumaris, Wrapping Up The Day.

The dainty pier tentatively reaching out into the Straits.

Keeping my completest streak happy, I thought I would wrap up my day out to Beaumaris, the day after in fact. I enjoyed the trip, yes it could have been a little bit brighter and warmer but it is the beginning of November so you get what you’re given weather wise.

The Welsh mainland lies yonder.

I had a walk around while I used up the last half an hour before the bus back to Bangor was due. A bit of thinking/planning time, grab a few last shots, you can never take too many photographs. The evening was settling in and making itself comfy, the light was packing it’s bags and heading off into the approaching evening.

Across the Straits to Bangor.

The day had been a successful one, I got across more ground than I thought I would and the traveling went without a hitch. The bus ticket I bought covers all of Angelsey as well as a bit of the mainland so a Winter job will be planning a few trips into the corners of the island for when the longer days come back out of hibernation. Tempus Fugit and all that.

A tempting sign.

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