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SNAPSHOT! Beaumaris, A Light Lunch.

An elegant americano, on rare occasions I can be almost posh.

Arrival in Bangor went trouble free. The train was a “proper” one with carriages and a locomotive. Like having a train set again. It was a brisk walk down to the bus station in the town centre and only a few minutes wait before the bus back out again and across the Straits and into Angelsey. The bus route was a wonder, taking In the small lanes and villages that lie in the hills above Beaumaris. It takes about an hour but it feels much shorter as the bus barrels along like a fairground ride. I landed up, posted a letter and went looking for food. I dropped on Beau’s Tearooms on the main street and as I was in Wales I went for the Welsh Rarebit,on granary bread so I could feel good about myself.

Rarebit, onion chutney and salad so I can fool myself that I’m eating healthy.

That was good, filling a spot but there was a wee bit of space left so a slice of barabrith followed the Rarebit. After that it was out into the afternoon and try and walk some of it off.

There is no butter on this, well maybe a little bit…..

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