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ORMSKIRK. A Saturday on The Market.

Ormskirk Market, on Aughton Street in the sunshine.

f you remember, a weekend ago I had one of my magical mystery tours on the bus. I had a free day but nothing to fill it with so I took a ride out that ended in Southport. On the way there I broke the journey in Ormskirk, a market town on the flat plain that leads out to the coast from the last stumblings of the Pennines around Bolton and Horwich. As it was a Saturday the street market was in full flow, helped by the sunshine that had decided to grace us with an appearance. As I have written many times before, like a market, I like the buzz and atmosphere that a market brings to a place. So I had a wander around the stalls, there’s a bread stall I must go back and revisit and then grabbed a coffee ( and a bite to eat ) before heading off for the bus onward to Southport. The bus station at Ormskirk is currently an unshapely hole in the ground, it’s being redeveloped. Somehow that word can chill my heart when I see or hear it, so that meant a bit of a dance about to find the relocated bus stops. To be fair they are all scattered around where the bus station used to be which does make life easier.

Aughton Street, the clock tower. Telling Ormskirk the time since 1876.

Aughton Street. Conversation in a café.

The market on Moor Street, looking up towards the railway station and the currently not there bus station.

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