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SNAPSHOT! Lancaster, And So Ended The Day.

A pint and a hat, it was one of those kind of days.

So after a busy day in Morecambe and Lancaster it was time to relax before making the journey home. This venue is the Tite & Locke bar on the northbound platforms on Lancaster railway station. I really like these bars, the ones I’ve used have had a great atmosphere plus they are making use of spaces that have been out of use for ages. Plus they bring a sense of life back and can add that extra feeling of security for the traveller on a station that otherwise might be completely bereft of other people engagement.

As well as decent pint from the Lancaster Brewery you can also catch a train.

I was traveling on a strike day on the railways, there were some services running but obviously in a very disjointed way so a quiet pint did go a long way to aid the waiting process.

That’s two very pleasant pubs I’ve found in Lancaster, I’ll have to make a note of them in my little black book of traveling stuff.

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