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SNAPSHOT! A Sunny Day In Morecambe.

The iconic Midland Hotel, perhaps the heart of the resort after Eric.

The sun has been beaming down all day in Morecambe and the crowds have been out and the beaches have been full.

The prom and the clock in the distance.

Over the years the town has had more than it’s fair share of stick and there are some corners that would benefit from more than a little bit of TLC. It’s not Blackpool, that town always leaves me exhausted. No Morecambe has a gentler rhythm, sitting as it does on the Bay it shares it’s name with, the mountains of the Lake District shimmering away in the haze across the wide expanse of Morecambe Bay.

Across the water the Lake District.
The tide activated bell on the Stone Jetty.
Looking down to the Midland Hotel and the Stone Jetty.
The Winter Gardens Theatre, coming back to life.
Catching the sun at the Midland Hotel.
A well known face entertains the crowd.
Not for the faint hearted.

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