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CARDIFF. Strolling Through The Arcades.

Right the days are starting to stretch themselves, second by second they get longer, brighter but as yet not much warmer. So the race it hotting up ( see what I did there) to get out on the trail again, get some trips organised before Autumn creeps around the corner bringing his icy friend with him and the year starts to shut down again.

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SNAPSHOT! Cardiff & Corner Coffee.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m currently sat in Corner Coffee in the Castle Quarter organising my day. Help by the above coffee and the bacon roll below. The place is good, it’s going on my #fatrat list for future reference. Some Links

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SNAPSHOT! Chester To Cardiff on the Train.

Today is a trip to Cardiff day, so there will be a certain amount of rambling posts, I write that like it’s something different to the ramblings I turn out anyway. This is being written while I relax with a coffee and bacon sandwich. Please excuse the crumbs and sticky fingers. Some Links

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CARDIFF. A capital Day Out.

Travel is still on the problematical side so I’m going to take a journey in my time travelling blog back to July of 2019 and a day trip I made down to Cardiff. Now it might seem a long way to go just for a day out but for me the journey is as much a part of the experience as the destination. I had arranged to meet up with […]

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