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RIVINGTON. Motorbikes & A Peacock.

Easing around the corner and onto the driveway to the Top Barn.

I’ve written a couple of posts previously about Rivington, it’s a town north-ish of Bolton, under the West Pennine Moors, part of the Pennine Range that climbs through the spine of Britain from Derbyshire up to the Scottish Borders. About the village of Rivington are the remains of the Terraced Gardens created by Lord Leverhulme as part of the grounds his weekend hideaway. They are slowly being dragged back into life after many years of neglect and dereliction and are a popular attraction for walkers and hikers. The many twisting lanes in the area also attract the biker community, the Top Barn and it’s food being the Sunday meet up point.

Poise and balance Honda style.

Getting ready for the off.

Freeze frame Kawasaki.

An unimpressed Peacock wondering who’s disturbing his peace and quiet.

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