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SNAPSHOT! A Northumbrian Odyssey.

The view from Hartside Summit, 1900 feet or so of the Pennines.

You find me sat on this sultry evening in the Forum pub jus by Marketplace in the fair Northumberland town of Hexham. I’m on my way back to the homelands after doing a family visit to Newcastle. It was a fair weather run up but promises to be a stormy one back, hahar Jim lad!! I’ll spare you any further Long John Silver impressions.

A North Shields quayside lunch. I didn’t eat the wooden platter but everything else went.

I travelled up the motorway to save time but the journey back will be a more sedate A road afair.

Using the M6 though gives me the excuse to visit Tebay services where I can look at things that make me fat…..( okay, fatter )….
Hexham Market Place.
Current location. The Forum, a former cinema.
Current occupation. The pint is Lamplighter from the Big Lamp brewery and very pleasant it is too.

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