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WINDERMERE. A Pint Of Quirkiness.

A smooth pint in the cool shade.

A busy day out always benefits from a moment or two of quiet reflection. Just sitting back and letting the bits and pieces of the day fall into their allotted spaces so you can relive and enjoy the day all over again. For me it’s a chance to weigh up hoe much of my planned day I’ve managed to accomplish, how much fell by the wayside and as important what new things made their way onto the day’s stage. The surprise guests and unexpected happenings. Places found by accident, interesting people you bump into or events I didn’t know where on until I stumble across them.

Setting the bar high with choices.

I usually have a drink at the end of a day out, just the one or two. Though I own a car I do like to use public transport. I see more and experience more than when I’m not sat inside my own personal petrol powered bubble. It was on trip to the Lake District when I came across the Crafty Baa, I was early for the train home so rather than wait for an hour or so on the station I took a stroll around the town.

Not needed on the day but I’m sure it will be a welcome sight when the colder, shorter days return.

The Baa is just down from the railway station on Victoria Street. Inside was deliciously cool after the days sunshine. It was also cool inside because the interior is largely made up of reclaimed materials. The Lake District with a side order of quirky. It might not be exactly to everyone’s taste but it worked for me.

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