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SHEFFIELD. A Meeting With The God Pan.

Pan or Peter? Brazen faced either way.

A walk through the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield will reveal many things to you, botanical, architectural and in this case mystical. Holding court in the Rose Garden from high on his plinth you will be in the company of the God Pan. There’s a little bit of to and from as to whether it is the God of shepherds, good living and a little mischief, or his slightly safer namesake Peter Pan. Whoever he turns out to be and for now he’s not saying, he doesn’t lack for company, sharing his lofty position with nymphs and the birds and creatures of the woodland and vale. He was a gift to the Steel City in the 1930’s, artist unknown now at this distance in time, not that I think the anonymity of his creator worries him much. He looks quite self satisfied, impish you might say. If you’re around pop by and say hello.

Sinisterly impish figures clamber about.

A rabbit and a foot, lucky for some. Not a cloven hoof either.

More rabbits but that tends to be the way with rabbits.

Bronze birds, heads polish by the passing of countless hands.

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