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SNAPSHOT! Kendal For The Lakes.

So now you know how far it is.

And again the sun is up, the skies are blue and the birds are singing rather than coughing. So I am embarked on a trip around the Lake District. Not all of it today, just Kendal and Windermere. The clocks change tonight (that UK things where time leaps back and forward in Spring & Autumn) so the days will now start to spread their wings and the darkest of night will go into a retreat.

On arriving in Kendal, the train ride up was busy which was good to see after the last couple of years, I though I’d get a bite to eat while I decided on my plan for the day. I chose Michelle’s at the bottom of Stramongate, a short walk to from the railway station. I went for the small all day breakfast.
After that it was a walk around town. Up to the castle with it’s Henry VIII connection, then back into the town.
I did that ice cream thing as well.
The New Shambles.

That’s the story so far, currently sat at the railway station waiting for the Windermere train. The day continues.

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