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SNAPSHOT. Hull. The Band Played As The Tortoise Walked By.

A Little while ago I took a trip out to Hull on the east coast. Things had begun the long return to normal and I needed to visit a place I either hadn’t been to before or hadn’t been to for a long time. After a bit of head scratching and no I didn’t get any splinters in my fingers, I decided on a revisit to Hull.

It’s a straightforward journey for me, a train into Manchester and then one out, with only a short wait between trains. It’s a couple of hours or so on the train, plenty time for me to sit and watch the world go by, relax and pretend to do some work on the laptop.

Queen Victoria Square, the band of the Yorkshire Regiment prepare to give a performance and it didn’t take them long to attract a sizeable audience.

On arrival I couldn’t have asked for a more glorious day, the weather was perfect with the sun high in the sky and the streets bursting with crowds getting out and about. I made my way down from the station to Queen Victoria Square. The council had organised events to tempt people back into the city, the Band of the Yorkshire Regiment were to play in the Square so I decided to catch some music before moving on.

Princes Dock Street and mechanical tortoise attraction. It’s not something you see everyday in Hull.

It was at this point that the tortoise trundled by. A big one and on wheels. It wasn’t a real one, at least I don’t think it was. It was an animatronic beast, rolling its way through the streets in turn frightening and delighting the children that scuttled along it it’s wake.

Even a mechanical beast can be a poser at times, insisting that people get his best side in a selfie.

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