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KNOTT END. Fish & Chips and Ferries.

It is a rule or if it isn’t it should be. A visit to the seaside must include fish and chips.

I have a favourite chippy, actually I have a couple but this one fight’s its way to the top fairly often. It’s located in the village of Knott End, just across the mouth of the River Wyre from Fleetwood. The journey by the ferry is only a few minutes, memorable or un-memorable depending on the state of the tide and the winds. If you want to travel by car it’s about fourteen miles.

As I was already in Fleetwood it would have been silly not to make the journey around to Knott End , through the network of B roads and lanes and treat myself. So I did.

The evening was a warm and comforting delight and as ever the food was fantastic, cooked to order and piping hot. There’s a large car park overlooking the river so I I enjoyed my meal and watched the last ferry of the day chug its way across the water.

The shelter and ferry timetable at the top of the slipway.
The last ferry of the day curves its way across the incoming tide.


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