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FRODSHAM. A Thursday Afternoon In The Sun.

FRODSHAM. CHESHIRE. ENGLAND. 04-22-21. Castle Park. Two seated figures on a bench in the sunshine.

Ever so slowly the brakes are coming off and life is starting the long haul back to normal. To take advantage of this opening window a took a short train ride to the Cheshire market town of Frodsham.

Thursday is the market day and it’s held down the main street, conveniently called Main Street. Any reader of this blog ( for which I thank you) will know that I like a market. They bring a buzz to a place, an extra layer of interest and as well as the shopping advantages provide that additional bit of social contact that you never quite seem to get with shops.

Just to be contrary though There’s no market photos in this post but they will follow. Instead there’s just one shot that caught my eye after I’d taken a walk around. I was in Castle Park just off the town centre, I was practising with the camera.

For my fellow photography nerds I was using a Nikon d3200 body with a Tamron manual focus zoom lens. Looking at some of the results I think that a visit to the opticians would not be a bad idea.

The sun had been high and bright all day and as I was making my way through the park I saw two people sat on a bench enjoying the afternoon, doing that very normal thing of letting the day go by. The scene had such a tranquillity about it I couldn’t let the moment go unrecorded. So thank you to the ladies concerned and apologies for the intrusion.


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