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LLANDUDNO. Onward to the Seaside!

Okay, bear with me a moment.

A couple of posts ago I was working through a day trip into North Wales, to Conwy and on to Llandudno. I’d posted about Conwy and my walk around the town and its walls. Then I’d posted on L’s the Cafe cum bookshop and the excellent bacon roll I’d eaten there. Important thing a good bacon roll, blogging is hard work you know. I’d broken off at that point as I was about to walk up to Llandudno alongside the River Conwy. ( There will be links below )

So it’s a case of “New Readers Start Here……..”

I crossed over the River back towards Llandudno Junction, were I’d got off the train and struck left up alongside the River. It’s quite wide here with views back across towards Conwy, it’s Castle and it’s walls. The path is almost flat so it’s easy walking, plus it was a beautifully sunny day and you’re away from any road traffic which adds to the peace and quiet.

02. 19-09-19 DEGANWY. The Shore.

DEGANWY. The wide sands and the bay looking towards Anglesey.

I made good time on the walk so I had a break at Deganwy, a small village about half way to Llandudno. Down by the sands is Sue’s Beach Hut, a very useful spot it is too. I treated myself to an iced lolly and a few minutes enjoying the view before carrying on to the West Shore.

03. 19-09-19 DEGANWY. Sues Beach Hut

A very welcome iced lolly at Sue’s Beach Hut.

Llandudno sits on a peninsula in the shadow of the Great Orme, a headland which rises up and faces out into the Menai Strait and the Irish Sea beyond. The West Shore is the quieter part of the town with wide beaches, it’s linked to The busy part of town by Glodaeth Avenue which runs straight as an arrow and brings you to the main shopping area, the pier entrance and more beaches. ( Trivia, the Avenue is quite wide as it was once part of the local tramway system route which linked Llandudno with nearby Colwyn Bay) This part of Llandudno sits on a curving bay between the Great Orme and the Little Orme, in between which the front is lined with elegant hotels.

At the base of the Great Orme is the station for the cable hauled tramway, a turn of the century (1900’s) innovation that takes you up to the summit via a twisty, windy route that snakes through the streets before reaching the halfway station and the final stretch to the top and the views out across the Bay.

06A. 19-09-19 LLANDUDNO. Great Orme Tramway

LLANDUDNO. The cable hauled tram snakes it’s way up through the narrow lanes towards the summit of the Great Orme while in the backround the curve of the Bay and the towns rooftops lie spread out.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO. West Shore. Alice In Wonderland Memorial

LLANDUDNO. West Shore, the memorial to Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell commemorating the holiday that inspired the book Alice In Wonderland. Unveiled in 1933 by David Lloyd George.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO. The North Parade & White Rabbit's Watch.

LLANDUDNO. The North Parade and the floral clock named after the White Rabbit’s watch.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO.  The Pier & Grand Hotel.

LLANDUDNO. The Grand Hotel & Pier. The Great Orme rises in the background.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO. The North Parade. Kiosks & Grand Hotel.

LLANDUDNO.Looking along the North Parade towards the Pier & Grand Hotel.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO. The Pier.

LLANDUDNO. Looking along the Pier. If your in the mood for some exercise the pier is the longest in Wales.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO.  The Pier.

LLANDUDNO. The end of the Pier and amusement arcade. The pier has its origins in the railway mania of the mid Victorian 1850’s, the present pier dates from the late 1870’s. There is also a landing stage at the end of the pier which hosts occaisional sailings to The Isle of Man.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO. The North Parade Ice Cream Kiosk.

LLANDUDNO. The North Parade, ice cream time, it’s not the seaside without ice cream.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO.  Mostyn Street. Coffee Culture.

LLANDUDNO. Coffee in the sun at Cafe Culture on Mostyn Street, one of the main shopping areas in the town.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO. The Promenade. The Mad Hatter.

LLANDUDNO. The Promenade, The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland enjoys the sea air with his friend the Gull.

19/09/19  LLANDUDNO.  The Promenade in The Evening.

LLANDUDNO. The Promenade in the evening looking towards the Pier and Great Orme.

The evening was gathering in and my day was coming to a close. I had a last walk along the promenade, picked up some sandwiches for the train journey back and ambled my way to the station. Will be calling in again at Llandudno before too long.

CONWY. Towns Walls, Chimney Pots & A Castle.

CONWY. Coffee, Bacon Roll And Window Shopping.




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