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KESWICK. Paraffin Alley.


KESWICK. Paraffin Alley

It could almost be a song title.

The date is May, 2011.

By the dubious magic of my time travelling blog we have landed in the Cumbrian town of Keswick in the “drink in with your eyes gorgeous” Lake District.
I admit that this may not be the prettiest part of the town and  I’ll be revisiting with more sumptuous images later but I was intrigued by the name.

I understand that its origins lie in the trades and businesses that used to lie hereabouts and that an ironmongers used the alleyway for storing paraffin. So Hence the name.

Clearing for take off, another destination shortly.

Keswick Tourism

Visiting Cumbria

ARNSIDE. Coffee, Toasted Teacake & A View Of The Bay.

ULVERSTON. A Dickens Of A Day out.


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