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CHESTER. A Lucky Dip.

Wet weather today, storms a coming to the UK. Well it is November.

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SNAPSHOT! Chester. Steam In The Night.

I’m a big kid still and few things stir my heart more that the sight of a steam locomotive. I’ve been into Chester today and I knew that something was occurin’ by the sight of people lining up on the road bridge that crosses one end of Chester station. “It’s a Black Five” Was the answer I got when I asked what was expected and sure enough a few minutes […]

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CHESTER. Music On Northgate Street.

If you flit back through the electric pages of my blog you’ll know that Chester is a regular destination of mine. It has a range of attractions for the camera carrying blogger. History dating back to Roman and pre Roman times, a range of architectural styles, plus the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city centre and the quieter stretches down by the river Dee at the Groves where it pauses a while before launching itself over the weir by the Old Dee Bridge on its way out to the estuary and the Irish Sea.

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CHESTER. Chips To Go.

If you are a regular reader of my blog ( thank you!) you’ll have worked out that one of my main photographic interests is street photography. Watching and recording the daily to and fro of everyday life. That cafes, coffee and food in general crop up more than you might think is a pure coincidence.

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SNAPSHOT. Chester. Waiting For A Train.

Well the first “on the move post done with the app” post didn’t go to badly, well I didn’t feel anything. I’m currently awaiting my onward train home after a rewarding day out. You know, a day that you know will be good but turns out even better. I’ve a card full of photos to edit and a few ideas to scribble down but they can wait until tomorrow. My […]

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