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EDINBURGH. Unsung Heroes Of The Fringe.

Edinburgh. Flyer fever continues along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile on a busy Monday afternoon as the Edinburgh Fringe crowds make their way about.

A feature of the Edinburgh Fringe that I always take notice of is the army of the flyer distributors that inhabit the Royal Mile around where the preview stages sit. There’s is the unsung task of persuading/cajoling/jollying along the passing punters to come and see their show.

Edinburgh. Handing out fringe flyers, a young man in well worn Chelsea boots stands on an Edinburgh street corner.

It can’t be an easy job amongst the cut and thrust of the Fringe, trying to do the best 30 second elevator pitch to a passing, multilingual crowd who are probably already in a state of overwhelmed-ness with the mad confection that is the city of Edinburgh and it’s architectural glories, the Festival and the Fringe all bursting out at their senses.

Edinburgh. The Royal Mile, multi tasking at the Fringe, sandwich board and texting. Boris & Sergey & Their Freakatorium.

Yet still they hammer away, selling their show. It’s fascinating to see the various techniques on show. From almost total disinterest, through warm eye contact/ lets be buddies. To impressive levels of mania. I know they work as I have a collection of flyers from past visits that are earmarked to be pasted onto my office door as a memento and an inspiration.

Edinburgh. The hard sell for a show on Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in progress on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. An impressive combination of snake head stick and green fingernails.
EDINBURGH. Guerilla flyer posting for the fringe.

So the next time you’re at the fringe, spare a thought for the not so silent army dogging your every step waving brightly coloured pieces of paper at you, they come in peace, they only need you for an hour or so.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. The Royal Mile. If you like collecting flyers then Edinburgh’s Royal Mile during the Festival is the place to be.
Fringe Festival 2014 on the Royal Mile. When flyer wars turn nasty.
EDINBURGH. The Royal Mile, Braveheart tries to convince.


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