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LIVERPOOL. Let There Be Music, Finale.

On Mann Island Soloveiko the Crimean Songbird greets the visitors.

Finally I made it to the River and the Pier Head where the action was going to be taking place in the Liverpool Arena. This was the crowd magnet for the day and the sun was blessing the city and the waterfront. A Eurovision Village had been created as an overspill from the main venue and already it was full and by late afternoon the atmosphere was gearing up.

It was a day to have shares in ice cream production.
No sand on this beach but the concrete will do just fine.
The Three Graces tower over the party that’s disturbing their peace.
Just in case anyone doesn’t know what’s going on.
Try not to get run over by a passing ferry.
The entrance to the Eurovision Village, tickets only and sold out! The Three Graces of the Pier Head, The Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Mersey Docks Building look on.
Catching the sun and the sounds along the river frontage.
Get your best party gear on and dance in the sunshine.
Meanwhile across at the Salthouse Dock a deceptive calm is in the air.

The Albert Dock is home to the earth, a giant model created from NASA satellite pictures.
Liverpool calling Earth.

It was early evening by now, time to think about heading back and catch the song contest in the comfort of my own home, I could have stayed a bit longer I suppose but the day had been long but good fun, plus there were photo’s to edit etc and transport was getting a bit haywire. So I left Liverpool to the party and made my way home. The city made a fine show of it to be sure.

Seeing the crowds arriving made my mind up, time to get out of here.

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