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LEYLAND. A Worden Park Winter Wander.

A signpost is always a good thigs to have on a walk.

It wasn’t the most promising of days but the cabin fever had been biting hard all week so I braved the unfriendly elements and took a train ride up to the town of Leyland, a little to the south of Preston in Lancashire.

There’s the gate but where’s the fence??

The plan was to have a walk around Worden Park on the outskirts of town I have written about it in the past, there is a truly marvellous model railway set up built and run by a model engineering society, one day I’ll crack and take a ride on it. In the warmer weather obviously.

The conservatory sits against what was a wall to the big house.

The weather was straining to be on its best behaviour and the sun put in a couple of appearances which helped the day along. That meant I managed to get my walk in and only got into drowned rat mode when I got back to the railway station a couple of hours later.

A walk in the grounds is always better for finding a folly. They don’t do anything useful, they just are.
Sunshine does its best against an unhelpful, grey sky.

It was good to get out, January has always been a bit of a non month for me, the dust of Christmas is still settling and the year has not yet warmed up enough to do much with it.

I enjoyed the day out but I also enjoyed being back home in the warmth.

The courtyard and The Folly Cafe.
Well I had to try it out didn’t I? Cold weather, walking and calories etc.

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