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SNAPSHOT! Morecambe to Heysham.

When your boat comes in. Sculpture on the Half Moon Bay shore.

Right, we last spoke when I was in Preston enjoying a coffee and toasted teacake. The journey continued up to Lancaster where I broke my journey for a look around. There was some time between arriving and the next train out to Morecambe.

The Storey Institute spire on a sunny day.

I had a walk through the street market, I picked up an emergency pork pie just in case then headed back to the station and the train out to The seaside. My plan was to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine by walking up to Heysham along the sea defence’s promenade. It would be enough of a walk for today, there might be sunshine but at this time of year it would be a short lived, ephemeral beauty.

The Tide Bell on the Stone Jetty.
Heading up the prom away from the town centre and towards Heysham.

It’s an easy walk, flat for most of the way apart from a short rise at the Heysham end. I made good progress to the village and headed up to the ruins of St. Patrick’s chapel.

Heysham village.
The ruined chapel on the Bay, Cumbria lurks in the background haze.
Rock cut graves share the view over the bay. Once thought to hold the bones of early saints.

The next stage was to get along the headland to Half Moon Bay. That would be my turn back point this time. I like to have a selection of Go To places for the short day part of the year so it was working out as a good timing exercise.

The shop sculpture and a cameo appearance by yours truly, I think it’s my best side.
A romantic view of Heysham Harbour as the windmill turns and the sun kisses the Bay goodnight.

So after a walk along the sands and eating my emergency/just in case, pork pie it was back along the prom and the start of the journey home.

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