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LANCASTER. Rounding Off The Day.

The Tite & Locke, so much beer, so little time.


When last we spoke I had just eaten my emergency pork pie, blundered there it was gorgeous, I should have bought two (possibly three?) and I was making my way back along the Bay to Morecambe and the train home. The sun was dying like a golden swan and gilding the horizon all the while the wind turbine by the harbour was making lazy sweeps and casting shadows across the sands.

The walk back was easy enough, daylight was bidding a last goodbye and had fled the scene by the time the station was reached. As a side note I really do think that Morecambe has been short changes with its railway station. The resort’s trains have been evicted from the fine and elegant building opposite the Midland Hotel, it’s now The Platform a performance venue. The rail service skulks away further back at a platform with an anonymous box for a ticket office.

Okay grumbling over.

The train came for the short run into Lancaster where I changed for the last leg home. The train services are still not at their best yet but that gave me a chance to have a soothing pint in the Tite & Locke Pub on the station. I’ve become very much a fan of these bars, they generally revitalise part of the station previously disused and give this weary traveller a place to have a quiet moment to sit back and absorb the day. The Lancaster Brewery do the beers and good they are too. This time around I went for the Lancaster Amber and a packet of cheese and onion crisps, just in case the pork pie was starting to feel lonely you understand.

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