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EDINBURGH. Out On The Fringe.

EDINBURGH FRINGE ’19. On the Royal Mile Ophelia lies dead for her art. Promoting your show is worth some discomfort.

It’s August, the year is turning it’s thoughts to autumn but there is always a late blossoming or two. One of which is the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe. It’s a regular date on my calendar, who would want to miss the sheer madness of the preview stages on the Royal Mile and the flyer distributors, more tenacious than any Highland midgie ( a very small insect but with a bite like that of a great white shark ) Obviously due to “That” the Festival and the Fringe have been pale shadows of their normal selves but life is returning and with it so are the pogoi-ng sword swallower’s, the fire eating penguins and the cycling, Elvis Presley impersonating monks. Not all of them are made up, can you guess which one is real?

Here’s a selection of shots from previous visits, I’m hoping to get up there before the end of the month.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. The High Street on the Royal Mile. One of the preview stages by St. Giles Cathedral, not altogether sure what’s going on here.

EDINBURGH FRINGE ’19. On the slope where the West Bow drops down into the Grass Market a patriotic act begins his spiel to gather an audience.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. Fringe Festival 2015. Multi coloured morphs bopping like mad things on the corner of George Square.

Not even the rail can stop the flyers.

EDINBURGH. Guru DuDu silent tour dances in the street.

EDINBURGH. The Royal Mile, hairy monster.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. High Street on the Royal Mile. The Children’s show ‘ Storyteller Storyteller’ previews for the crowds.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. High Street on the Royal Mile an acrobat entertains the crowds.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. High Street on the Royal Mile. Parasols and kimonos in the sun.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. High Street on the Royal Mile, Part of the Edinburgh Festival 2015 the corpse of a flyer distributer lies by the City Chambers advertising ‘The Bastard Queen’ a post apocalyptic black comedy. The Fringe really could be the death of you…..

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