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SNAPSHOT! Chester, Evening On The Station.

Architecture and people.

Right I’m on the last ish leg of the journey home, only a glacier and a pack of wild bears to negotiate. (Okay I exaggerated about the glacier….)

Travelling more in hope than expectation.

I’m currently on Chester station, it’s Eater Sunday tomorrow so the run down of services is more marked than usual. Somewhere on platform 7 a well refreshed gentleman is still singing about the merits of his football club at full volume. There’s the air of loose ends to be tied up, an unfinished-ness about the day. Well what didn’t get done today will have to wait now, things will be on hold, the big pause button has been pressed. Everything will have to wait. Happy Easter, go easy with the eggs

Texting on a warm Springs evening.
All lined up, ready to go.

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