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CHESTER. Random Sample.

The sun shines on Covono on Northgate Street. The temperatures may not yet be hitting the heights but at least the days are mostly getting brighter, so you can at least sit in the sun with a glass of something cheering. Even if as yet it has to be indoors.

I’m taking advantage of a little bit of Easter holidays down time, trying to bring a bit of order to the photo files. Think it would be easier to try and ski up a glacier. Anyway faint glimmers appear as more editing takes place.

This is a random sample ( very random ) from a recent trip to Chester. There’s no rhyme or reason to their selection and the same could be said for the taking of them. At the time it probably made sense but anyway here they are.

Ahhh, the sort of window display that gladdens my inner mouse/rat ( depends if you know me or not ). I’ve yet to meet a cheese I dont like.
Chester has some fearsomely busy roads on the fringes of the city centre and so has a web of underpasses to make life a bit easier for the pedestrians amongst us. They have the air of a low budget 1950’s SciFi for me. the sort that involves a lot of family members roped in on a promise of free food and drink.
This is a crop out of a larger scene that I only noticed after I blew it up onscreen to check focus etc in some building details. Think it’s time someone was treated to a new pair of boots.

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