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SNAPSHOT. Cardiff, Through A Coffee Shop Window.

After the game on St. Mary’s Street.

Right, let’s bring things up to speed. I’ve had a great day down in Cardiff catching up with my good friend and fellow photographer and blogger the G-Man.

Things have been a little hectic travel wise due to Scotland playing Wales today. It put a little bit of a strain on my genetic loyalties, I wanted my side to win but you never want to be an unwelcome guest.

Gareth & I headed out of the city and down the Bay where things were less hectic to get a bite to eat and catch up with each other’s stuff. While we keep regularly in touch nothing beats the to and fro of face to face conversation.

Food done we had a walk around the wetlands reserve on the Bay, geeking out with one another’s camera gear. Gareth gets amazing results with a combination of a Sony digital body and an old style M42 mount 135mm lense.

That done it was time to head back into the city. Covid etc has made the train services a bit inflexible at the moment. Hopefully it will improve as the year progresses.

We hit the city centre as the game was ending, Scotland lost (drat) so we took shelter in a coffee shop to watch the crowds pass by. A coffee and doughnut later it was time to head back to the station an some rather long queues.

A great flat white and a lovely doughnut. I might start the diet tomorrow.

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