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SNAPSHOT. Earlestown. The Spider Crab On The Market.

Spidey the spider crab.

It’s Friday, so that means it’s market day in Earlestown. It’s a traditional open market and a varied and lively one too. As much a social as a shopping occasion.

Among the stalls is a grocery one, it also sells fish hence the appearance of Mr. Spidey. Don’t know if that is his name, he wasn’t really in a talkative mood, in his she’ll you might say.

It’s been a rough time for the market, getting through the great unhappiness of the last eighteen months. It withered down to about four stalls at one point, not good if you’re a stallholder trying to keep things going.

Life has returned, people are here and about, catching up as much as shopping and Mr. Spidey is watching it all go on.


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