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A Busy Month

Just a quick post to get back into the swing of things. I’ve had a busy month getting a couple of projects off the ground, on in particular has been adding to and organising the ebooks I produce. With a little bit of head scratching and midnight oil burning I’ve managed to produce twelve titles, not in one month obviously but reaching number twelve feels like a bit of a […]

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Boots & Whiskey On A Sunday Night.

To quote some ELO lyrics ‘Rain is falling’ so on these occasions I like to work on my studio techniques, being more of a landscape photographer I’m guilty of neglecting this discipline. I have a small computer table which I have fitted out as a small studio set that I can dress in a variety of ways, I have fixed an old projector screen to the back of it and this forms […]

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Looking Cool In Hat & Boots

Which is what the guy in the header shot was.  It was taken in Warrington a little while ago, I had travelled in one Sunday to meet up with friends for coffee, cake and gossip and of course one of my cameras came along for the ride. Coffee etc done I was making my way back to the car when I passed this gentleman sat on one of the granite […]

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A Rainy Morning With Coffee

Rain is falling so no excuse not to make some more progress with the projects I have in hand. The image above was taken on a trip out to nearby Southport, a resort on the Lancashire coast  not too far outside of Liverpool. It has a slightly faded gentility these days but that’s not to say it’s shabby. The shot is of the interior of what had been a great […]

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Getting Stuff Done.

Getting towards the end of the week, quite a satisfying week an image used in a magazine and quite a bit of work done on my next Kindle e-book project, hopefully that will be finished over Easter then that can go live.  Then I can turn back to the rough scratch pad that passes for my ideas book. So far I have four titles on line plus the other freelancing […]

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