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DERWENTWATER. Cruising On The Lake.

Keswick. Derwentwater pleasure boat Princess Margaret Rose.

Outside the skies are gray, the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. Not the best of evenings. But on the plus side March is nearly here and Spring is creeping ever closer. The returning pleasures of long days and sunshine, throwing off the mole like hibernating habits of winter.

As soon as is possible, that’s when I can go out AND come home in daylight, I’ll be heading off and about. One destination will be the Lake District, I use public transport these days, it takes a bit more effort and planning but it’s a pleasure to let someone else do the driving. That way I get to see more than the rear of the car in front. All I have to do is sit back and let the journey flow by. I mix trains with the very comprehensive bus service that covers the area, travelling up to Keswick on the 555 bus from Windermere station, the service actually starts from Lancaster, is a true delight. So is an icve cream on the nearby shores of Derwentwater as the pleasure boats float by.

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