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LOCH AWE. A Quiet Days Fishing.

Slowly, carefully, catchee fishee.

If you take the road or the train out towards Oban you’ll pass Dalmally and Loch Awe. Sat brooding by the shore of the loch is Kilchurn Castle. An imposing, mound of grey stones, once the power base for the powerful Campbell clan.

The Loch ripples in a soft breeze while the castle looks silently on.

On the day of my visit a boat was skimming busily across the waters as anglers tried their luck, seeing if the Loch could be persuaded to part with any of it’s fishy treasures, see if an angler’s Lady Luck would smile on the choice of rod, bait and a bit of skill.

Taking a breather before heading out, looking for the best spot.

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