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SNAPSHOT! St. Anne’s, A Brisk Day On The Prom.

The Beach and the Pier, with the remains of the old landing stage. A grey sky grumbles overhead.

Fresh air was needed and a change of scenery. There are things to do and places to start to get back to after the “missing” time.

I made the journey up to St. Anne’s on the Lancashire coast. I knew that the weather would be on the brisk side but my thinking was that it might work as a bit of a jump start.

The sky never let go of it’s grey pallor but that gave what sunlight there was around a softening glow. I spent a couple of hours, walking along the promenade, through Ashton Park and then back through the town center.

I resisted the lure of the ice cream.

Not sure if the intake of fresh, very chilled sea air has had the desired effect yet. I might have to repeat the dose next week.

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  1. Both Lothian and St.Anne’s-on-Sea are both pleasant places for a stroll at any time of year away from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring Blackpool.

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