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SNAPSHOT! Llandudno. A Winter Saturday On The Pier.

Along the pier from the landward end.

I out and about, why?? Because like everyone else I suspect I’ve been boxing away Christmas and New Year ready to bring it all out again next year

Plus I’ve also started some redecorating, it’s not one of my favorite pastimes but it needs doing so I’m getting out of the way now.

I fancied a breather though so it was a trip down to the station and the train out along the North Wales coast

I’ve not been out this way for a little while so it’s as much a touching base with how things are coping as well as a change of scene.

It’s not the best sort of day for being down by the coast. The wind is lazy, it goes through you rather than taking the time to go around you.

At the time a walk along the pier seemed like a good idea, no too sure now.

The Pavilion at the end of the pier. The skies are grey and stormy for a reason.
A hot drinks haven.

Some Links.

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