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SNAPSHOT. Sheffield Shuffle, Pausing For Food.


On Chapel Walk.

So far so good, Mr Bluesky hasn’t turned up yet but Mr. Rainyday is also absent.

I haven’t been to Sheffield in a while so there’s always the acclimatization period while I wander around more aimlessly than normal while I remember where everything is. See what’s still around and what’s disappeared.

A nice pub for nice people. Wonder if they’ll let me in.
Heading down towards the Wicker Arch.

I like a town or city that still has the quirky, off the beaten track corners. Sheffield has them in spades. I’m by no means an anti modernist but do you have to scrub a place clean of every bit of character and history. After all your past is what you build your future on.

Elegant arches at the station.
Stainless steel in reflective mood on Sheaf Square by the station.
Mode of transport for later.

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