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SNAPSHOT. Newton Le Willows. In Memoriam.

The Huskisson plaque.

Situated by the new ticket office at the railway station there is a replica of the plaque which commemorates the untimely death of the MP William Huskisson on the official opening of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway. I believe the original, now hard used by the hand of time, is now at the National Railway Museum. The actual monument is by the track, just past this station, on the right as you head to Manchester. Unfortunately it isn’t accessible by foot so please don’t try.

There’s something I find fascinating in the language, it’s that of another age quality. Archaic I suppose, to modern ears used to the harsh brevities of modern text/Twitter/insta/computer speak. Time was taken to celebrate the deceased even if to modern ears it sounds like the eulogies are being laid on by the bucket load.

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