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SNAPSHOT! Knott End. The Last Ferry Of The Day.

A pleasing day comes to a gentle end. The sun gathers itself together and makes to say goodbye for those few, cool, gentle hours of the night. The river turns from water into a burnished, rippled silver as the last ferry of the day busy-bodies itself across and deposits it’s last human cargo. Job done, the heated fuzz of the day begins to cool and disappear as the little boat […]

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SNAPSHOT. Hull. An Enjoyable Day.

Right I’m sat with a cooling drink ( two actually ) after a very enjoyable day reconnecting myself with Hull. I haven’t visited the city for a few years so obviously things have changed, moved or disappeared altogether. The area around the docks has changed completely, it’s now a vibrant spot of bars and eateries. It put me in mind of Manchester and that city’s Northern Quarter. So I’ve had […]

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SNAPSHOT. Manchester. A Morning Monochrome Meander.

It’s Saturday morning, I have places to go, people to meet, cake to eat and coffee to drink. Plenty of “stuff”to do. Part one of the day involves crossing Manchester, it’s warm now, going to be HOT later….. other links.

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